Crime Prevention Tips

The Royston Police Department is committed to making our community safe for everyone. This includes citizens, visitors and future generations to come. Unfortunately some will become victims of crimes, and in some cases being victimized can have long lasting negative effects on our lives. This page is designed to help you minimize your risk of becoming a victim. In many cases crimes could have been prevented if certain safety practices were in place. In our busy lives we can become complacent at times inviting thieves to take advantage of our carelessness. Taking a few simple precautions and making them a habit can make a difference. The City of Royston and its citizens are not immune to any crime. Problems and issues that are normally associated with larger cities are branching out into smaller communities. These trends are continuing to rise and are a challenge to all that encounter them.

Please feel free to contact the City of Royston Police Department for additional information regarding crime prevention. The tips listed above are intended to help you reduce your chances of becoming a victim. Crime prevention works if we take the time to examine our surroundings and complete additional steps to insure our safety and the safety of those around us.